Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ll be featuring another unusual vintage surfboard: the Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius Model.

The Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius pictured above is actually still for sale. I won’t put the exact link here, but the board is not mine and all photos in this post are via the listing. Happy hunting.

f you look at the photo on the left (click to enlarge), you’ll notice the Surfboards Hawaii text running horizontally, with the Aquarius text running vertically. The Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius is packed full with all kinds of groovy touches, as it was likely shaped during the late Sixties, or perhaps early Seventies, during the Transition Era. I can’t tell whether or not the board is stringer-less, and of course, that psychedelic paint job on the bottom is awesome. The deck patch looks a bit like similar patches you’ll see on some Surfboards Hawaii Vee Bottom boards.

What’s really interesting to me about this board is that it has a different logo than just about every other Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius I have seen.

Every other example of the Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius I have seen has the logo pictured above and to the left. (What’s up with the devil just hanging out near the cornucopia?) I was also able to dig up a cool example of an old Surfbards Hawaii Aquarius ad from a Swaylocks thread, which is above and to the right. It’s interesting that the logo above indicates the Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius was a series, as opposed to just one model. However, that’s all the info I have on these boards.

As always, if you know more about the Surfboards Hawaii Aquarius, please let me know!


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