Vintage Wave Tools Surfboards Ad: Sagas of Shred

Greetings, Shredderz! For those of you unfamiliar with Sagas of Shred, it is a weekly series — every Thursday night, California time — that features a new vintage surf ad. Well, I guess the ads are technically old, but you catch my drift. Today’s post actually features an ad that you can already find online. I first saw this vintage Wave Tools Surfboards ad on Board Collector. I decided to re-scan the ad and upload a higher quality image because it’s a real doozy.

As you can see in the image, the ad features Lance Collins, founder and head shaper of the Wave Tools brand, and then team riders Jeff Parker, Preston Murray and Steve Richardson. The Wave Tools Surfboads ad originally ran in the August 1980 issue of Surfer Magazine (Vol. 21, No. 8). I was surprised to see the date on this ad, as it originally ran a few years earlier than I would have guessed. Traditionally Surfer Magazine’s dates are a bit ahead, meaning that the August 1980 issue was likely sold sometime around May or June 1980. In turn I would guess the team photo was taken in early 1980 at the absolute latest.

You’ll notice that four out of the five boards featured in the Wave Tools ads are twin fins, and the jury is out on the one on the far right. I’d be willing to bet it’s a twinny as well, but unfortunately the deck is facing up. Well, I shouldn’t say unfortunately, because we’re treated to a shot of the amazing flouro gradient spray / checkerboard combo, which was an Echo Beach staple during the Eighties. Murray’s board — second from right, with the brick motif — is also a doozy. I’m not sure what the brick wall signifies, but you can also see it in the background of the ad itself. I also really dig the stripes on the twin fin to the far left. While everyone equates the Eighties with thrusters, it’s fascinating to see an ad that pre-dates Simon Anderson’s invention, during the last days of the twin fin’s dominance.

As always, thanks for taking the time to reach this post, and we’ll have even more Sagas of Shred for you next Thursday night!

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