Sweet Juice via Nectar Surfboards: Sagas of Shred

Greetings, Shredderz! First off, apologies that this has been a slow week with the blog. I hope to get into a more regular cadence next week, as there have been many fine sledz that deserve a little more attention! In the meantime, though, for today’s Sagas of Shred entry we have a Nectar Surfboards ad from 1979. This was right before Nectar licensed Simon Anderson’s Thruster and brought the revolutionary tri-fin board stateside. I’m not sure who Pablo Dardon is — an early team rider, I’m guessing, and likely a San Diego local — but I love that Craig Hollingsworth gets a shout out in the ad, too. Hollingsworth is one of those rare old school shapers who maintains an active presence on Instagram.

Thanks for checking out this post, and for more vintage surf ads, tune in next Thursday evening for more Sagas of Shred.

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  1. T.s says:

    Would anyone be able to recognize a nectar twin from guessing the late 70’s maybe early 80’s would like to understand the historical synapses of those particular boards . This one is a 5’6 with a developed bottom contour primarily a v out of the rear presenting to a well defined swallow tail can provide images to the right individual that has the historical recollection of these pre tri fin boards .