Greg Noll Slot Bottom Longboard

First of all, can I get an amen for Craigslist sellers who make sure to post photos that do their surfboards justice? Pictured here is a positively spotless Greg Noll Slot Bottom longboard that can currently be found on Craigslist in Orange County. You can find a link to the listing here.

Frankly, everything about this board is stunning, from what looks like a 3/4″ redwood stringer, to the classic atom logo. (I also featured another Greg Noll surfboard that had a version of the atom logo with three rings around it, which you can find here.)

The Greg Noll slot bottom surfboard is undeniably beautiful, and it’s easy to see in the photos that accompany the listing. (I wrote up a very similar-looking Greg Noll longboard, which is not a slot bottom, in a post you can find here.)

Pictured above is another Greg Noll slot bottom, which was sold at the USVSA auction in 2008. You can find a link here. The auction took place ten years ago, so prices may have shifted considerably since then, but the red Greg Noll slot bottom was estimated to go for between $5K and $7K. By contract, the Craigslist board has been listed at $2,800. I wouldn’t say these are apples to apples — I personally think the color in the red board makes it a bit more attractive — but if those prices still hold today, I would say the Craigslist board is reasonably priced.

And on behalf of all the other window shoppers out there, I would once again like to extend my sincere gratitude to the seller for posting such great photos of the board. I won’t be owning a Greg Noll slot bottom any time soon, and in the meantime, I’m just stoked that there are some high quality photos for me to drool over. Hopefully someone else with deeper pockets will scoop up this board and post even more pics. You can check it out on Craigslist here.

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