The Electric Acid Surfboard Test by Stab Magazine

Merry Christmas, Shredderz! This holiday season I’m afraid I didn’t get any of you anything…but lucky for you the good folks at Stab Magazine decided to release “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test” in its entirety. “Electric Acid” is a continuation — or variant, I guess — of Stab’s awesome Stab in the Dark series, which pairs a number of anonymous surfboards with a top flight shaper. This time around, Dane Reynolds took a number of alternative surfboards through their paces at some right hand points down south. The folks at Stab lined up a real murderer’s row of shapes, ranging from a Liddle Designs displacement hull to a Matt Biolos fish, with just about everything in between. As a spectacularly untalented surfer myself, it’s always awesome to watch a phenomenal surfer like Dane immediately pick up on all the nuances of these different boards…and then flat out rip even when he’s clearly not feeling the equipment.

You can see a link to the full video below but how about you also throw Stab magazine some page views and hit up their site.

As always, thanks for reading! Wishing all you Shredderz some goodwill and holiday cheer.

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