Allen Sarlo for Body Glove: Sagas of Shred

Style. Swagger. Gravitas.

What more is there to say about Allen Sarlo in this Body Glove ad?

We’ve featured Wave Killer a few times here on the blog. In fact, Sarlo was kind enough to send the photos that were featured in the second post. The ad you see here originally appeared in the Dec 1980 issue of Surfer Magazine (Vol 21, No 12). You probably guessed this already, but the Con with the Wave Killer laminate is epic enough, and we haven’t even gotten to the matching wetsuit yet! This might be one of my favorite Sagas of Shred posts yet.

Oh, and here’s a friendly reminder to mind your etiquette while surfing Malibu, courtesy of Wave Killer himself:

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next Thursday evening with more vintage surf ads!

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