Tesoro Enterrado starring Torren Martyn

I won’t be offended if any of you don’t even bother to read this entry. If you click play on the video above and call it a day, I’ll be happy. I’m just here to spread the gospel about “Tesoro Enterrado”, an excellent new surf video brought to you by Torren Martyn, Perry Gershkow, and the good folks at Need Essentials. As someone with the attention span of a fruit fly, I’ve been loving these mini-edits, which are long enough to get deep, but can also easily be consumed in one sitting.

Look, I get it: gushing about Martyn’s relaxed style and his mid-length channel bottom twin fins is about as hipster as it gets. But watch the video and tell me Martyn doesn’t absolutely rip. His unhurried, relaxed style alternates between being hypnotic and mind-blowing. And yes, you bet your butt I dig the boards he’s riding, which were shaped by Simon Jones under the Morning of the Earth Surfboards label.

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“Tesoro Enterrado” is also a reminder that surfboards are merely a means to the ultimate end of riding waves. I realize that sounds a little strange coming from a guy who spends his free time writing about old surfboards, but it’s true. So while my natural instinct is to pause the video and zoom in for a closer look at Martyn’s fin templates, what really matters is that Simon Jones’ twin fins enable the timeless, graceful surfing you see throughout the clip.

Finally, as a bonus, here’s an earlier Torren Martyn edit.

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