Vintage Steve Coletta Natural Curves Surfboards Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! If, like me, you are a regular foot who lives in Northern California, then you have probably surfed some of Santa Cruz’s beautiful right hand points. Despite having great waves and talented surfers, Santa Cruz doesn’t seem to get mentioned as much as its counterparts further south. Something tells me that the locals in Santa Cruz are just fine with this setup. Likewise, you don’t necessarily hear a ton about shapers from the Santa Cruz area. I can’t stake any sort of claim to Santa Cruz, as I only surf there once every couple of months, but nonetheless I have an affinity for its local craftsmen. I’m always eager to learn more about people like Doug Haut, Bob Pearson, Chuck Vinson, Rick Noe, Mike Zeh-Croteau, and others. You can imagine my excitement when I recently stumbled across this vintage Natural Curves Surfboards single fin shaped by Steve Coletta, which I have since added to my quiver. Click any of the photos below to enlarge.

The surfboard you see above measures in at approximately 7’10” x 19″ x 3.25″. (The thickness is a rough guess, but I think the height and width are probably pretty close.) I contacted Steve about the board and he was gracious enough to provide some details. The board was shaped in the Seventies, and according to Steve, it could have been shaped for Hawaii, the Central Coast, or Mainland Mexico. As you can see it has a beautiful acid splash resin job and then a super clean double pin line around the rails. The board has a very narrow baby swallow tail and a single glass on wooden fin as well.

There have been some repairs — if you look closely you can see the light blue areas in the tail in the photo above, and then on the bottom towards the nose in the photos below — but overall the board is in very good condition.

And if you were wondering if I’m still tripping out over that incredible acid splash…the answer is yes! Check out the photo below for a close up. I particularly love the contrast between the contained chaos of the acid splash and the precision of the double resin pin lines. The double arrows pointing towards the logo on each rail is also a fantastic touch. Last but certainly not least, I really dig the older logo, too. I wrote up a 1981 Steve Coletta single fin a few weeks ago, but that board didn’t have any Natural Curves logos.

I’m hoping to take this vintage Natural Curves Surfboards stick to Steve himself to try and get some more info on it. I don’t make the rules here, but I do try and follow them, and any time you own a rad vintage surfboard, there’s an obligation to show it to the shaper whenever possible. Stay tuned as I hope to get this awesome stick into Steve’s hands, and perhaps learn a little bit more about it as well.

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