Weekend Grab Bag: Harbour Holidays and More

Greetings, Shredderz! It has been a long time since we came through with a Weekend Grab Bag. And if you’re looking for last minute gift ideas for the surfboard lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Per Weekend Grab Bag custom, the boards listed below are currently available online (with one exception). Onto the sticks!

Harbour Single Fin (eBay and Craigslist Orange County)

We’ve got not one but two neat Harbour Surfboards single fin. The first board, pictured above, is listed on eBay. The board is 6’1″ and it has a rad little airbrush on the deck done by Rich Harbour himself. It also comes with a gorgeous original fin in somewhat matching colors. The board is listed at $1,080, which I think is very ambitious.

The other Harbour single fin, which can be found on Craigslist in Orange County, is a much more reasonably priced $200. The price still might be on the high end given how much work will have to go into the board. More than anything else I just wish this stick had been treated better over the years. It’s 6’9″ and I love the outline, particularly the elevated wings in the tail. I bet this was a gorgeous board when new and it’s still pretty sick if you ask me. I hope it goes to someone who puts some quality time and effort into fixing it up.

Rich Pavel / Steve Lis Keel Fish (Craigslist Santa Barbara)

I posted about this board on Instagram earlier this week, but looks like it hasn’t been sold yet. See the Craigslist listing here. Despite the prominent Steve Lis logo on the deck, the board was shaped by Rich “Toby” Pavel. One commenter estimated it was shaped sometime in the mid- to late-Eighties. The dims are 5’5” x 20 7/8” x 2 1/4” and the board is listed for $2,600.

Channel Islands Single Fin (Craigslist Orange County)

Some of you may remember this bitchin’ Channel Islands / Al Merrick single fin from when I wrote it up a few months back. Well, there’s good news — the board is now listed for sale on Craigslist in Orange County. I have a real soft spot for vintage Channel Islands boards, and this one has a beautiful unusual look, courtesy of its channel bottom and the colorful Bernie Tsao airbrush. Seller is asking $1,200.

Eighties McCoy Thruster (eBay)

Sadly, this board isn’t for sale any more, but you can still check out the eBay listing here. I’m not sure if this is considered a Lazor Zap or not, but I can’t get enough of the paint job on this thing. For bonus points, here’s another bitchin’ McCoy that was posted on Facebook (not for sale either, sadly.)

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