Social Media Roundup: February Funk

Stussy Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! Here in California winter is coming to a close. As always, here are some of my favorite social media posts from the past month or so.

You want to talk about power surfing, how’s this combo: a sweet Ben Aipa twin fin shaped for none other than Aussie lead foot extraordinaire Luke Egan! You’re gonna want to swipe through the pics. I’m fascinated by the double concave / pintail combo on this stick.

There are a couple of photos floating around from this Dogtown shoot (you may recognize this shot), but this particular version is one of my favorites. There are a few reasons: first, you get Skip Engblom, CR Stecyk III and Jeff Ho in one shot; second, you can also get a good look at the patented Jeff Ho fin on the Zephyr he’s holding. The photo was taken by Anthony Friedkin. I recently picked up Friedkin’s “The Surfing Essay”, which is a worthwhile pickup for anyone who’s into surf photography.

I can’t pass up the opportunity to post a picture of a sweet Shawn Stussy board, especially when it’s been co-signed by Joel Tudor. But if you read the caption and the comments you’ll discover a whole lot more interesting history. Tudor came across the 1980 Stussy single fin at Joe Roper’s Ding Repair, where Roper apparently went on about the board’s tuberiding capability. There are also some shout outs to Brian Bulkley in the comment section. Finally, the board itself looks like a total weapon — love the clean lines and the small graphic beneath the classic Stussy logo.

How’s that for an all-star Seventies Hawaiian lineup? Say no more…

Finally, for a different kind of ride, check out this ridiculous airbrush on a classic Seventies van.

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