Reno Abellira: Bold, Distinctive, Progressive

Greetings, Shredderz! First, and most importantly, I hope you and all of your families are safe and sound. It feels a little strange to write corny jokes about an obscure vintage surfwear ad with all of this going on. That said, I figure at least some of the three people who regularly read this blog might appreciate a break from all the bad news, so we’re soldiering on with another Sagas of Shred entry.

Here’s Reno Abellira posing in an ad for what I can only assume is his eponymous clothing line. The ad you see above originally appeared in the June 1979 issue of Surfer Magazine (Vol 20, No 6). I actually wrote up an earlier Reno Hawaii ad in an earlier Sagas of Shred entry. You can find that here. Say what you will about the fashion — and there’s a conversation to be had about a polyester polo shirt tucked into some thigh high board shorts — but Reno’s got swag. I love it. As a straight up shitty surfer, this kind of confidence is completely alien to me. I’m glad someone else has it and isn’t afraid to flaunt it, either.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and we’ll be back next Thursday with more Sagas of Shred!

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