Single Fin Saturday

Greetings, Shredderz! Per the usual rules of the Weekend Grab Bag, here are some boards that are all currently for sale somewhere online as of the time of writing. More below.

Mike Slingerland & Rick Hamon Aipa / Surfing’s New Image Stings (eBay)

There are actually two SNI boards in the eBay listing. Both are Aipa / Surfing’s New Image stings. One was shaped by Rick Hamon and the other by Mike Slingerland. (See here for a gorgeous Rick Hamon / SNI sting I wrote up earlier.) The Slingerland board, pictured on the left, has some great color on the deck. The Hamon board has some elevated wings / chine rails. I love the Aipa / SNI stings and it’s always cool to see new examples.

Gordon & Smith Egg (eBay)

I posted about this G&S egg on Instagram earlier this week. It was originally listed on Craigslist in LA but it’s now buried in a listing that includes a few other boards. There are a few sweet boards in the listing, including a Yater, but I think the prices here might be a touch high. Still, I love these G&S egg shapes, which seem like they would be versatile boards you could surf in a wide variety of conditions. Not sure when this was shaped and by whom. Late Seventies / early Eighties, maybe?

Jack’s Single Fin (Mystery Location)

Well, I can’t give away all the secrets here! All you need to know is that this thing is floating around on the internet somewhere. There isn’t much back story behind this board other than I think it looks really rad and it’s got a beautiful original fin, too. Good luck with the search!

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