Social Distancing Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! Look, it’s not every day that health professionals recommend we all stay indoors glued to our phones, and yet here we are. Hope you are all staying healthy and sane during these surreal times. Without any further ado, here are some recent social media selections for a much needed dose of stoke.

Surfing is a sport that has produced more than its fair share of beautiful images. Even in that crowded field Ron Stoner’s work stands out. Here’s a classic shot of Phil Edwards. Both Edwards and Stoner’s photography have a timeless quality to them.

God, how clean are those two Channel Islands boards? I’ve featured Jimmy Metyko here more than a few times. I love how the photograph clearly features the channel bottoms on both boards. It’s so cool to compare the twin fin to the thruster. The laminates on these Eighties Al Merrick boards are incredible.

The fact Australian surf photographer Dick Hoole has only 755 followers on Instagram is a travesty. Hoole collaborated on a few films with Jack McCoy, and also documented the Australian surf scene during some of its most memorable years. Hoole’s photographs from the Gold Coast in the Seventies are standouts for me. Rabbit is all-time, and I love the board he has here, too.

You’re going to want to look closely at the board above. It’s a stealthy Wayne Lynch shape the owner dates to 1979. (The board’s owner appeared in last month’s Social Media Roundup with an awesome Ben Aipa board shaped for Luke Egan.) I’ve heard stories that Lynch shaped a few logo-less boards on the side while still under contract with Rip Curl. A Lynch board without any laminates seems like a fitting tribute to everything I’ve heard about the man.

Sometimes you just want to look at radical shit. This picture — Christian Fletcher boosting, on a stunning T&C pintail — definitely fits the bill.

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