April 2020 Roundup: Stussy, Bertlemann & More

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Greetings, Shredderz! First and foremost, I hope everyone here is staying safe and maintaining some semblance of sanity. I have personally not been surfing in a long, long time but a decent forecast for next week might lure me out to some isolated spots. If you find yourself in need of a quick hit of stoke during these crazy times, keep scrolling for the latest edition of the Social Media Roundup, showcasing some of my favorite posts from the last month or so.

The two posts above represent the bookends (for now, anyway) to Shawn Stussy’s long and prolific career, and his remarkable journey from Orange County surfboard shaper to collaborating with one of the most recognizable brands in luxury. Whether it’s mowing foam in former oil facilities or unveiling designs on the runways of Paris, Stussy’s approach has remained consistent. I’m wondering if Stuss did the graphic design for the ad above, but even if he didn’t, it’s still a cool shot of him surfing. I still marvel at how fresh his Eighties designs feel today, and it’s cool to see the man still at it, producing beautiful, functional artwork. The Russell Surfboards ad above is one I had never seen before. Definitely give @retro_surf_series a follow, as the account has been posting a ton of great stuff on Orange County surf history.

T&C Larry Bertlemann boards don’t turn up all that often, and when they do, it’s rare that it’s someone on Instagram wondering out loud how much it might be worth. The answer is “probably a lot.” More than anything else, I’d love to document this board, as it’s definitely out of my price range. I haven’t seen a ton of these Bertlemann sticks with the rainbow T&C laminates on them, either.

I might have to rename the Social Media Roundup to “What boards has Luis Real bought recently?” I don’t know the man personally, and we have had a few friendly conversations on social media; but really, it just comes down to the fact Luis collects great boards and shares them on Instagram. This one is a Local Motion single fin that once belonged to Hawaiian pro Tony Moniz. The history of the board is great, but I’m mostly featuring it because I love the outline and color. Add in the fact it was shaped by Pat Rawson, and you’ve got one sweet sled.

My fondness for Rick Surfboards is well-documented. There’s still a lot about the label I still don’t know. For example, a reader recently let me know about the Rick Surfboards Noseriding model, which I had actually never heard of before. The board above is the Rick Surfboards D & B Model, which is quite rare. It’s named after Dru Harrison and Barry Kanaiaupuni. The one you see above apparently pre-dates the creation of the D & B Model laminate, too. The Surfboard Project has a cool pic of the only other D & B Model Pintail I have seen. Check out this stunning Rick Surfboards Dru Harrison Improvisor I recently wrote up, too.

Photo at the top of the page via The Vintage Surfboard

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