Quarantine Celluloid Classics

Greetings, Shredderz! One of the few silver linings to recent events has been the release of a bunch of great content that was previously under lock and key. Keep reading for some great edits, some of which were recently liberated from behind paywalls.


Self Discovery for Social Survival is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based surf shop Pilgrim Surf + Supply and music label Mexican Summer. SDFSS has always been at the top of my viewing list, and now that the whole thing is available for free I have no excuse. The movie features Ryan Burch, Ellis Ericson, Stephanie Gilmore and Creed McTaggart, among others.

SHACC — the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center — has a YouTube channel that looks like it doesn’t get a ton of traffic. Here’s an episode of “Wave Watch” featuring Tom Curren. I had never heard of Wave Watch before SHACC posted the video to their YouTube channel; apparently it was a public access TV show that ran for a while in the Eighties. Wave Watch was created by John Bass and featured Peter Townend as the host, with Randy Nauert serving as the executive producer.

Here’s a North Shore special edition of “Wave Watch”, featuring the late, great Mark Foo in a lot of the hosting duties. There’s some great footage in there of a classic Hawaiian winter, and interviews with a lot of familiar names from the North Shore.

Speaking of Nauert, I stumbled across his YouTube channel and found a bunch of gems, including the selection above from 1970’s “Pacific Vibrations.” Sadly, Nauert passed away last year from a heart attack. Nauert was a high school friend of Rick Griffin’s, and had been involved in the Griffin estate prior to his passing. I hope the “Wave Watch” footage has been preserved somewhere!

…Lost Surfboards has been re-releasing some of their most famous videos, and “Lost at Sea” is the latest in this entry. Hurry, though, because it’s being taken down tomorrow. This movie features the …Lost team in the Mentawais in the late Nineties, including some classic Andy Irons footage.

Featured photo is Ryan Burch from Self Discovery for Social Survival; photo by Chris Gentile and originally found in the Surfer’s Journal feature “Get Clip”

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