Vintage Skip Frye Surfing Footage

Skip Frye Surfing

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post is a Skip Frye themed edition of the Clipz series. After all, surfboards are meant to be surfed, and while I love documenting Skip’s boards, it’s awesome (and dare I say important) to see them being ridden, too. Keep scrolling for some more videos featuring Skip Frye surfing some of his famous shapes.

I was thrilled to come across this vintage footage featuring Skip himself piloting one of his 1966 signature Gordon & Smith models. I love the relaxed vibe of this edit, and seeing Skip Frye surfing nimbly in small, clean conditions. Larry Gordon filmed this clip himself, and it takes place somewhere in Cape Cod. As an East Coast native myself, I get a little extra enjoyment from seeing Skip surf in New England. As a bonus, here’s a ridiculously well preserved G&S Skip Frye Model that was also sold somewhere on the East Coast.

Here’s some footage of Skip surfing in 1969. I originally saw this clip posted to the “Skip Frye — 60 Years of Style” Facebook group, which has some excellent content. The video was created by Balsa Bill Yerkes, who worked for G&S at the time. Part of his job was to create these promotional videos for G&S, and Bill ended up with some amazing footage from Skip Frye surfing in places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico. It’s amazing to contrast the boards from the two clips above, and how quickly surfboard design progressed between 1966 and 1969.

And who better than to explain the ins and outs of a 1969 Skip Frye G&S board than Bird Huffman? Bird walks us through the details of this unusual Transition Era shape, which was inspired by Reno Abellira‘s designs at the time. The green board looks quite similar to some of the shapes you can see in Balsa Bill’s video from earlier in the post.

Finally, to bring things back to modern day, here’s some more proof that good surfing never goes out of style.

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