Summertime Sledz: Weekend Grab Bag

Greetings, Shredderz! Thanks for showing up to the latest installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. As always, the boards below are all for sale as of the time the post went live. Today we’ve got a wide-ranging set of vintage boards up for grabs, including a Dick Brewer single fin, a Con Surfboards sting and more. Keep reading for more details.

8’5″ Seventies Dick Brewer Single Fin (eBay)

This Seventies Dick Brewer board is stunning. According to the seller it measures in at 8’5″ x 18″ x 3 1/2″. I don’t know when in the Seventies it was shaped, exactly. I’m not quite sure when these baby swallow tails were at their most popular. I also don’t have any details on whether or not the board was likely shaped by Brewer himself. Brewer employed a number of shapers on his label, even during the Seventies, and I have yet to hear about a reliable way to identify his boards from this time. That could likely be a blog post of its own. The buy it now price is $1,500 and the board is available for pickup only in Huntington Beach.

Con Surfboards Sting by Steve Brom (Craigslist Santa Barbara)

Now here’s a board you don’t see every day: a 1980 Con Surfboards sting shaped by Steve Brom. If you look closely you can see Brom signed the deck towards the tail. It looks to me like the signature was added later. It also clearly dates the board to 1980. I didn’t realize Brom had ever shaped for Con Surfboards. I’m a sucker for a good sting outline anyway, and I love Con Surfboards, so I happen to think this one is extra cool. There’s no denying the beautiful colors on this one and the board looks to be in great condition. Seller is asking $400.

1991 Mike Diffenderfer 7’10” Gun (eBay)

Diffenderfer’s boards don’t show up for sale all that often, and I’m always paying close attention when they do. This is a 7’10” x 19″ x 3″ gun that was shaped in 1991, and is clearly signed by Diff on the stringer. It also has a cool rainbow Diffenderfer laminate. The fins are glass on. There’s currently one bid on the board at the opening $750 price; it’ll be interesting to see where this ends up.

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