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Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got not one but two Eighties T&C Surf Designs surfboards that are currently for sale. Both boards have the outrageous fluoro sprays you’d expect from an Eighties Town & Country board. Both boards are being offered by the same seller. If you’re interested in purchasing the boards, you can contact the seller here. (Note that I don’t have any financial interest in seeing these boards sold.)

Board #1: 1985 T&C Surf Designs Twin Fin by Ben Aipa

This board is insane. It’s a Ben Aipa-shaped T&C twin fin and it measures in at 6’2″ x 20″ x 2 3/4″. (Here’s another Eighties T&C / Aipa board I recently featured.) Naturally, the first thing that caught my eye is the neon airbrush. Looks aside, the real calling card is the fact the board was shaped by Ben Aipa.

I believe the board is all original, which is always a treat. I can appreciate a well executed full glass-off restoration, especially when starting with a board that was thrashed to begin with, but there’s something special about seeing a stick that has been well preserved over the years.

Board #2: 1984 T&C Thruster by Bill Foote

The board you see above is a 1984 T&C Surf Designs thruster shaped by Bill Foote. The airbrush on the board is by Mark Townsend, who was one of Town and Country’s go to artists during the Eighties. I’m not as familiar with Foote, but it appears he is still shaping on Maui. You can check out his Facebook page here. The board is 6’0″; no other dimensions were listed on the post.

The Bill Foote / T&C Surf Designs thruster also appears to be in original shape. You can see some ding repairs and slight discoloration on the bottom, but the deck looks pristine. I love contrasting Townsend’s airbrush with the design of the Aipa twin fin above. I think I prefer the Aipa but it’s a close call.

These are two sick examples of Eighties T&C Surf Designs sticks, and they’re both in great shape considering their age. If you’re interested in buying either board you can contact the seller on Instagram here.

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