Con Surfboards Wave Killer Model

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a, well, killer board for you: a Con Surfboards Wave Killer model twin fin. Wave Killer is the nickname for former Los Angeles pro Allen Sarlo, who is known for his power surfing. Sarlo was a Con Surfboards team rider. I’ve also seen some old ads that feature Sarlo riding for Zephyr Surfboards back in the Seventies, during the heyday of the storied Dogtown label.

When I first saw photos of this board, I assumed it was a newer reissue given its impeccable condition. As far as I can tell, Sarlo was a Con Surfboards team rider during the Eighties and maybe as recently as the very beginning of the Nineties. For example, see here for an earlier post I wrote up, which features Sarlo on a Con Wave Killer board from 1980.

Long story short, I’m just not sure how old this board is. The owner later contacted me and let me know that he bought it used in the mid-Nineties. Someone who knows more about obscure fin boxes can likely ID the date better than I can.

The board has Sarlo’s signature red and yellow color scheme, and as you can see in the closeup of the logo above, it also has a laminate with his signature (just in case there are multiple Wave Killers out there.)

The board was made for a gentleman named Brent, and as you can see, he’s mentioned by name not once but twice. You can see a closeup of the signature above. I don’t know who the initials reference, nor do I know who might have shaped this board.

There are a lot of mysteries with this particular stick, but it’s a beautiful board that, between the Con Surfboards label and Sarlo’s years of surfing Malibu, represents a ton of great Los Angeles surf history. Thanks again to the board’s owner for supplying the photos you see here.

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