MP and Andrew McKinnon for Rip Curl

Greetings, Shredderz! Fresh off my post earlier this week about a rare MP personal rider shaped under the Burford label, here is some more great material from Peterson’s brief but memorable turn as one of surfing’s brightest stars. Pictured here is a Rip Curl wetsuits ad that originally ran in Tracks Magazine in 1972.

I poached this ad from an excellent tribute Andrew McKinnon wrote as a tribute to his friend, which you can find here. The photo for the ad was taken by Mick Eyre, and it shows MP and McKinnon in Palm Beach, near Sydney, in 1972.

Mick Eyre photo of Michael Peterson (left) and Andrew McKinnon

And if you enjoy the MP content, stay tuned, as there’s hopefully some more great Peterson content on the way.

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