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Greetings, Shredderz! The last time I wrote a Price Checks entry on vintage fins, I couldn’t believe that a single piece had crossed the $300 mark. Since that entry there have been a few more entries into the $300 club. Keep scrolling for more.

6.5″ Vintage Fin w/Broken Tab (eBay): $365

Yes, it’s a gorgeous fin; yes, I love the colors. But $365 considering the tab is broken?! Shout out to the seller for being upfront and providing clear pics, but wow. Look, I like this fin, and if I were to, say, find it at a garage sale for $50 I’d be beyond thrilled. I’m still stunned that this fin got $365, considering the broken tab and the visible scratches elsewhere. This fin is also 6.5″ from base to tip (not including the tab).

7.5″ Yellow / Red / Black / Blue Fin (eBay): $304

Here’s another fin that crossed the $300 mark. While I prefer the colors on the fin above, this one is undeniably in better condition. Love the four color layup too.

8.5″ Blue / White / Yellow (eBay): $326

If you compare all the fins in the post you’ll notice they all have different templates. Sadly, I can’t speak to these designs at length. It’s also worth noting I have no idea whether any of these fins are Rainbow fins — in other words, produced by Rainbow Fin Company — or if they were produced by other companies.

7.5″ Green / Yellow / White Vintage Fin (eBay): $250

Last but not least we have a fin that managed to snag a cool $250…while missing the screw tab altogether. To quote Will Ferrell in Anchorman, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. The colors are stunning, though. This would have made the perfect gift for the Green Bay Packers fan in your life, I guess.

Photo at the top of the page via the Surfboard Fin Collectors Facebook Group

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