Dick Brewer Personal Rider, Herbie Fletcher Bill Hamilton Model & More

Greetings, Shredderz! We’re almost in the home stretch for 2020, thank goodness. As we ease into autumn, here’s a selection of some standout social media posts from the past month or so.

Here’s Pat Rawson showcasing one of Dick Brewer’s personal riders, shaped in 1977. I love that he took video of the board, as it showcases aspects that don’t always come across in photos. You can really get an idea of the crazy amount of foam in the board, especially in the beak nose. It’s fascinating to contrast the Dick Brewer board above with the 1978 Mark Angell Dick Brewer Surfboards single fin I wrote up earlier. The boards have very similar outlines. If you can’t get enough of this winged pin Brewers, here’s another one, shaped by Gary Linden.

I wish I knew more about Carbonell Surfboards. All I know is that they were based out of Seal Beach, and the company’s namesake is Bob Carbonell. No two ways about it, though, this is a gorgeous board.

Herbie Fletcher is one of the most colorful characters in surfing. Yes, he invented Astrodeck, worked with famous artists like Julian Schnabel, and put out the incredible Wave Warriors series…but for me, it always gets back to the boards. I always pay extra attention when I hear of new shapers. I don’t know much about Steve Kroll, and there isn’t much info on him online (here’s a brief Surfing Heritage article about Kroll — apparently he was Ron Stoner’s roommate at some point). But if Steve Kroll’s boards are good enough for Herbie Fletcher, Bill Hamilton and Joel Tudor, then they’re definitely good enough for me. This board looks super fun and how killer is that rainbow gradient Fletcher logo on the bottom!

Trends come and go, but good style will always be cool. Buttons, as captured by Dan Merkel.

How’s this for a vehicular combo? The Land Cruiser is sick, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’d rather have the board.

Photo at the top of the page via Joel Tudor’s Instagram

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