Michael Peterson for Goodtime Surfboards

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got an absolutely killer stick from not one but two Australian surf fixtures. Some of you may recall the last time (and, stunningly, the first) I featured Michael Peterson, when I wrote up one of his personal riders, which he had shaped under the Buford Surfboards label. MP’s story is a familiar Icarus-like tale, featuring a scintillating spell as one of the most talented surfers on the planet, and then a struggle with substances and mental health. He also shaped his own boards, many of which were made under his own label.

The board you see above is unique for a few reasons. First, any MP board is considered collectible. What I love about this particular stick is, of course, the incredible airbrush across nearly the entire deck. The artwork was done by Shane Martin.

The board measures 7’0″ and I am told it was shaped in 1975. Many thanks to the folks behind the Michael Peterson Surf Shop Facebook page, who were kind enough to allow me to run the photos here on the blog.

Goodtime Surfboards was a Gold Coast surfboards label established in 1971. For more on the label you should head on over to SurfResearch.com.au, which has collected a bunch of fantastic old Goodtime boards and laminates. I cannot recommend SurfResearch.com.au enough — if you are at all interested in Australian surf history the site is a must visit. SurfResearch.com.au has a few more examples of some killer Goodtime boards, including a handful of MP shapes. Check out this stunning Owl Chapman-shaped Goodtime board from 1974, which I also featured on Instagram here.

Last but not least, you can see the Michael Peterson / Goodtime Surfboards stick also has his classic fruit bowl logo on the bottom. I don’t know if the board has a signature anywhere on it, as these are the only photos I have seen. I get excited for anything MP-related, but finding a Goodtime Surfboards example with a killer airbrush to boot is a pleasant surprise.

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