“The Mysterious Affair” Starring Harrison Roach & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest installment of Clipz, where we’ve got some video content for your perusing pleasure.

Stab has been producing some spectacular video content over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon. I’ve covered their Electric Acid Surfboard Test series here on the blog, and each new entry remains a must watch. In “The Mysterious Affair”, starring Harrison Roach and directed by Dylan Roberts & Ashton Goggans, Stab mixes up the formula a bit. This time around they take noted alternative craft enthusiasm Harrison Roach and give him a few high performance thrusters to surf. Spoiler alert: he still rips. Roach goes deep on the differences between the various boards and how they impact his surfing, and I love the detail. The end of the video also has Roach riding some equipment you’d generally expect from him, which is a nice contrast.

Speaking of Stab, they just liberated the Noa Deane installment of the Electric Acid Surfboard Test and put it up for free on YouTube. It’s fun to see Deane experiment with a wide variety of shapes. I was surprised to see him declare a Peter Schroff shape the winner.

What happens when you pair Steph Gilmore, one of the more stylish surfers operating today, with talented photographer Jon Frank, who has a flair for capturing moody ocean visuals? Well, you can probably guess. The end result is five minutes of lovely surfing and some atmospheric shots that will get you chomping at the bit to travel again.

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