Phil Edwards Honolulu B98

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a very cool example of a rare Phil Edwards Honolulu surfboard. Phil Edwards is probably best known for the signature model he produced for Hobie Surfboards, and for good reason. The Hobie Phil Edwards Model is a beautiful surfboard packed with killer details. Personally, I am partial to the Phil Edwards Honolulu boards, which Phil shaped during the late Sixties while living in Hawaii. One of the many aspects that make the Phil Edwards Honolulu boards so interesting is the fact that the vast majority of them were individually numbered, and in sequential order. It’s believed that only 500 or so Honolulu boards were made. Edwards’ initial Honolulu shapes were classic longboards, but as the Transition Era took off, his boards began to reflect the wider changes in surfboard design.

Pictured here is a Phil Edwards Honolulu board with the serial number B 98. The Honolulu boards were produced in a few distinct series: the first series had no letters, just numbers. Subsequent series were noted by a letter, starting with A and going up to E, with each series containing 99 boards. The board you see here is the B series board with the number 98. By contrast, here’s an earlier A series board, with the serial number 49, that I wrote up.

Many thanks to Bobo, the lucky owner of B98. He was kind enough to share all the photos you see here. Not only does Bobo appreciate the history behind the board, but I’m told the board will be ridden in Honolulu once it’s watertight. You can follow Bobo on Instagram here.

There are a number of interest aspects to B98. First, I am told the board is a little over 8′ in length. As far as I can tell, this is the first sub-9′ Phil Edwards Honolulu board that was produced.

You can also see the displacement hull design elements on the board. It has a convex belly, and the substantial, almost S-Deck like tail calls to mind other boards produced during the Transition Era. B98 looks very different when compared to 49A. Even B86, which you can see here on Instagram, has some similar elements to B98, but also measures in at 9’2″.

Bobo pointed out that the fin area for the board is in remarkably good shape, which isn’t always the case with older boards like this one. Randy Rarick, who has restored more Phil Edwards Honolulu models than most people have even seen, told me that Edwards was particularly proud of the fins on these boards. Thanks to Bobo, we have some clear shots of what I believe is the original fin on B98.

Last but not least, you can see the board has some other cool details, including a triple stringer setup, and a red pin line on the deck that matches the glass on fin. All of the Phil Edwards Honolulu boards were glassed by Boscoe Burns, father of Eighties Pipeline standout Ronnie Burns.

Thank you again Bobo for sharing pics of this special stick! And if you’re sitting on a Phil Edwards Honolulu, I’d love to hear from you.

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