Weekend Grab Bag: Barry Kanaiaupuni Edition

Rick Barry Kanaiaupuni

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got an abbreviated Grab Bag, as we’re only featuring two surfboards. However, when I saw that two versions of Barry Kanaiaupuni’s Rick Surfboards signature model happened to be simultaneously listed for sale, I figured I had to write up the duo. Keep reading for more.

Rick Barry Kanaiaupuni Longboard (Craigslist Rhode Island)

Here’s a classic example of the first Rick Surfboards Barry Kanaiaupuni Model. According to the listing, the board is all original. It is 9’11” and no other dimensions were listed. The board has some great details, including the triple stringer setup and red accents throughout. Check out the unique fin design, too. The seller is asking $1,500 for the board.

Rick Barry Kanaiaupuni Pintail (Craigslist Los Angeles)

If you want a visual representation of just how crazy the Transition Era was, look no further than the contrast of these two boards. The BK Pintail model above has a radically different outline, is only 7’8″, and has a completely different fin. The two boards were likely shaped within no more than two years of one another, which is hard to get your head around. Seller is asking $950.

For more on Rick Surfboards, check out Part I and Part II of my Deep Dive series on the label!

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