Carl Ekstrom Asymmetrical Surfboard

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a special stick for your perusing pleasure. Featured here is a Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical surfboard that was shaped in the early Seventies. Ekstrom is famously credited with inventing the asymmetrical design, which he patented in 1967. (Though it looks like some Australian shapers were experimenting with asymmetrical boards even earlier.) Since then, Ekstrom, a La Jolla native, has continued to collaborate with folks like Ryan Burch and Richard Kenvin on modern updates to his original shape.

The Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical surfboard you see here comes courtesy of Chuck Edwall. Chuck has an awesome quiver of San Diego shapes. Many of Chuck’s boards are ones he actually glassed himself during his time working at labels like Gordon & Smith, Channin / Diffenderfer and Ekstrom. Ekstrom shaped this board for Chuck back in the early Seventies, and Chuck glassed it. As you can see in the photos, the board is in remarkable shape.

The Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical surfboard measures in at 7’10” x 23 1/2″ x 4″. Wave count is not an issue on this thing! Chuck tells me it took him five months to actually receive the board. Apparently Ekstrom was annoyed by all the extra stringers, and explained that there was a delay of one month for every extra stringer. The board is made from a Superlite Clark Foam blank and glassed with single 6 ounce Xylene fiberglass cloth.

Unfortunately for me and all the other regularfoots out there, the tail on the Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical surfboard is designed for goofyfoot surfers. It’ll be hard enough finding another one of these boards in great condition, much less with the right tail configuration.

Chuck tells me that Ekstrom will still show off this board from time to time as an example of some of his earlier asymmetrical shapes. The last time Ekstrom borrowed the board, he added some of the blue tint you see in the logo on the deck.

As you can see Chuck’s board is an incredible example of a futuristic shape from one of surfing’s most interesting and celebrated inventors. Many thanks to Chuck for sharing pictures of this Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical surfboard!

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