Jim Phillips Strawberry Shortcut

Greetings, Shredderz! I’m always fascinated with Transition Era surfboards. The late Sixties gave birth to many of the core principles of modern surfboard design. And besides that, I just happen to think Transition Era boards are very cool. The Transition Era took place during just a few years at the tail end of the Sixties, and yet it’s staggering how much experimentation was crammed into this brief time frame. Looking at boards from this era gives the impression that the shapers of the time had complete freedom to experiment and try all sorts of new ideas, no matter how crazy they might have been (and there are definitely some crazy looking ones.)

Pictured here is a Jim Phillips Strawberry Shortcut Model. The board was recently listed for sale on Craigslist in Rhode Island. Jim “The Genius” Phillips has had a long career shaping custom surfboards, and he’s still producing some beautiful looking work. Phillips has had long ties to Rhode Island, and you can read more about his background in this excellent interview from Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

I’ve never seen one of Phillips’ Strawberry Shortcut models before. I don’t know much about the model itself. It is clearly some sort of Transition Era v bottom shape, but that’s about all I can say with any certainty.

The other thing I loved about the board is what I believe to be Slipcheck traction on the deck. I love the way the patterned Slipcheck looks. Check out this pristine Morey-Pope McTavish Tracker for another Transition Era board with a similar treatment.

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