MR’s Hawaii Quiver & More: Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! Unfortunately, a change on the back end means it is no longer possible to embed Instagram photos into my blog posts. The Social Media Roundup posts will continue, just tweaked slightly. Anyway, the less about blogging backend technology, the better: keep scrolling for some recent Instagram selections, featuring Mark Richards and a killer Hawaiian quiver, an insane airbrush, and other surf related finds.

Here is Mark Richards posing with what has got to be one of the all time greatest quivers. Dick Brewer single fin guns? Check. Lightning Bolts? Naturally. And a couple of Aipa stings, just to round things out? Why not. The photo was taken by Dan Merkel and was posted to the excellent Lost and Found Collection Instagram here. Lost and Found is preserving a ton of incredible photography. I highly recommend checking out their site and supporting them (the hardcover book is excellent).

Fun fact: before I ever started this humble little blog, Surfy Surfy was my go to source whenever I wanted to geek out over cool surfboards. They don’t update the blog as much as they used to, but the Instagram is still a great follow. Surfy recently posted this cool Infinity kneeboard with some next level airbrush on it. The shape itself is rad, too. Check out the original post here.

Now this is a tease: Grant Ellis posted this mysterious shot, featuring Alex Knost and Ryan Burch floating somewhere in Indonesia, and hinted it’s part of an upcoming Thomas Campbell movie project. Wish I knew more and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

You can’t go wrong with Larry Bertlemann or Wayne Lynch, and certainly not if you’ve got both. Tracks Mag posted this photo, which was taken at the 1978 Katin Contest (not sure where). The credit for the photo is given to Grissom; not sure who that is.

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