Ryan Burch, Log Rap & Mason Ho

Greetings, Shredderz! It has been a great week for new surfing edits, courtesy of some of the folks who do it best. There are not one but three exceptional clips today, featuring schralpers like Burch, Craig Anderson, Devon Howard and Joel Tudor, to name a few. Keep scrolling for the full rundown.

Small Things feat. Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson & Shyama Buttonshaw; Directed by Erik Derman

I really love this edit. Who doesn’t love a good surf trip? “Small Things” takes us along with Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson and Shyama Buttonshaw to Tavarua, where the crew score perfect tropical lefts. Yes, the surfing is fantastic, and both Burch and Buttonshaw are talented surfer / shapers. More than anything, though, the edit captures the feeling of an incredible surf trip, and that will never go out of style.

Mason Ho in Tahiti

Mason Ho also documented some recent travels, and it’s amazing how different it feels from the first clip in this entry. If nothing else, Mase knows how to have fun (and how to film himself threading some translucent tubes.) I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of Mason’s edits without cracking a big ass smile, and with his recent Tahiti visit, the streak continues.

Egg Salad by Log Rap

Log Rap is everywhere I look these days, and for good reason: they consistently produce great clips. Egg Salad, Log Rap’s latest, is an edit that celebrates the classic egg design, featuring masters like Devon Howard and Dane Gudauskas. I just learned that Ryan Cannon, the man behind Log Rap, is a native New Yorker like myself. Stay tuned for the closing section, which has Joel Tudor riding a 7’0″ Hoy Runnels / THC Surfboards stick in some classic Long Island hurricane swell.

Photo at the top of the page by Nick Liotta and via his Instagram

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