6’0″ Steve Lis Fish

Steve Lis Fish

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post is a mostly visual experience. Believe it or not, Shred Sledz still hasn’t won a Pulitzer, so I’m guessing this won’t be a disappointment for most of you. Anyway, we’ve got a killer recent 6’0″ Steve Lis fish, courtesy of Shred Sledz reader Mike. You can check him out on Instagram here.

For all of Lis’ accolades, you don’t see a ton of his boards, at least for sale. (Here’s another modern Steve Lis fish I wrote up earlier this year.) I don’t surf around San Diego or Kauai, where I believe Lis currently resides, so for all I know his fish are everywhere. But while there seems to be a healthy (or exactly the opposite, depending on whom you ask) resale scene around Skip Frye‘s boards, Lis’ shapes just don’t seem to change hands all that much. Again, take this with a grain of salt, as there’s no way for me to measure how many Lis boards change hands every year. And maybe it’s as simple as most people who are lucky enough to own a Steve Lis surfboard tend not to sell.

The twin fin Steve Lis fish pictured here measures 6’0″ and I am told it was shaped sometime in 2018. It’s gorgeous.

You might be sick of hearing me talk about details, but I just can’t help it with the Steve Lis fish you see here. I love the laminates sprinkled throughout: check out the tiny little fish icons near the fins and at the nose; the diamond-shaped double logo treatment sandwiching Lis’ signature; and last but not least, the gold frigate bird on the deck, paired with the white version on the bottom.

Thanks again to Mike for sharing pics of this beautiful Steve Lis fish! As always, if you’re sitting on one yourself, get in touch — I’d love to see it.

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