Ultra Clean Aipa / SNI Sting & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Per the usual, here are some of my favorite social media posts from the past month or so.

This beaut comes via @atomichomemodernla. I’ve written up countless Aipa / Surfing’s New Image stings, and the board remains one of my all time favorites. This particular example is in fantastic shape. The board was shaped by Mike Slingerland and the measurements are 6’7 3/4″ x 19 3/4″. It looks like the board is for sale and the seller is asking $950. This seems like a great deal to me considering the condition, and especially if that original fin is included, too. Check out an earlier Slingerland-shaped SNI sting here.

Speaking of stings, here’s a modern update from none other than Dave Parmenter himself. Photos above are via Stix N Logs Glassworks’ IG account. I have always wanted a cogent explanation about the performance aspects of stings (and why the design seemed to disappear so quickly once the Seventies ended). This might not be an explanation, per se, but if Parmenter shapes stings then I think the design has to work. My understanding is that he’s not exactly in the wall hanger business. It’s also surprising to see the sheer amount of details on the board, which, if it weren’t Parmenter, I’d almost think of as hipster shaper overkill: sting outline, twin fin setup, edge board rails and even a step bottom!

If it’s a Hot Buttered surfboard with a Martyn Worthington airbrush, you can bet I’m interested. This one happens to have a laminate indicating it was hand shaped by Terry Fitzgerald, too. Photo via @vintagesticks.

Last but not least, we have newly crowned Pipe Master John Florence, posing with the trophy from the event. It’s a 7’6″ Pipeliner shaped by Gerry Lopez himself. The board is absolutely insane, with some gold leaf towards the tail, an abalone inlay Bolt logo on the bottom, and artwork on the deck by Phil Roberts. I highly recommend clicking on the photos and inspecting all the details on this incredible piece of craftsmanship. Photos via Alexandra Florence, Jon Pyzel and Phil Roberts.

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