Andreini, Herbie Fletcher & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Per the standard Weekend Grab Bag rules, here are a few sticks that are all listed for sale as of publishing time. We’ve got a few rad ones, including a gorgeous Marc Andreini longboard, a Seventies Herbie Fletcher single fin, and a couple of other odds and ends. Keep scrolling for more.

9’9″ Andreini Longboard w/Glass On Fin (Craigslist Santa Cruz)

This board is an absolute beaut, and I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been snapped up yet. Pictured here is a 9’9″ Marc Andreini longboard, crafted under the White Owl Surfboards label. I love the stringer setup, and especially the high density foam stringer. The logo placement on the bottom and the glass on fin complete the package — to say nothing of Marc’s sterling craftsmanship, of course. Oh, and it’s priced right at $750. What are you people waiting for?!

Seventies Herbie Fletcher Single Fin (Craigslist Los Angeles)

Here’s a rad 7’2″ Herbie Fletcher single fin that appears to have been shaped in 1976. Not only has the seller listed this at a reasonable $500, but they have also included the all too rare (and much appreciated) rocker shot. Looks like there’s a ton of foam on this one, and I love the opaque white tint paired with the bright orange on Herbie’s arrow logo.

Odds & Ends

  • Here’s a cool Wave Crest Hawaii Aipa sting that has been partially restored. Note: I don’t see an Aipa signature anywhere on the board, but as the listing notes, I’ve also heard Ben didn’t have any other shapers working for him during his Wave Crest Hawaii stint. (eBay)
  • This is a lovely Sixties O’Neill longboard that is up for a trade. Board isn’t in perfect shape but I bet it’d be a blast to ride. (Craigslist LA)
  • Original Sixties Harbour Trestle Special. Board looks in decent shape and the seller is asking $1,000, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. (Craigslist SLO)

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