Season’s Greetings from Mason Ho & Co

Season’s Greetings, Shredderz! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Mason Ho has blessed us with eight straight days of clips on his most excellent YouTube channel, created with Rory Pringle. See below for some selections, but really, you should go straight to his YouTube and watch all the clips.

Matt Biolos writes about the 7’6″ here on Instagram. It’s definitely worth the read. Mason’s board was inspired by the late, great Derek Ho’s equipment, down to the artwork. Biolos also gives a great breakdown of the board’s various design principles, which draw upon his shapes from the Nineties.

I know the alternative surf craft crowd isn’t too excited about Firewire and their various boards, but I am. I mean, have you seen what Kelly’s been doing on those things lately? Anyway, I bring this up because it’s — spoiler alert — super fun to watch Kelly and Mason swap boards for a session. Mason’s videos strike the perfect balance between high performance surfing, surfboard design, and pure fun.

Speaking of Kelly, I can’t stop watching this clip of him laying waste to some rippable Uluwatu walls.

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