Vintage Bonzer, Energy Surfboards Thruster & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. Today we’ve got a couple of sweet sledz for your viewing pleasure: a vintage Campbell Brothers bonzer, a Frank Latta-shaped Energy / Simon Anderson thruster, and a Nectar gun. Keep scrolling for the goods.

7’5″ Campbell Brothers Bonzer 3 (Craigslist Ventura)

I always get a huge kick out of seeing vintage Campbell Brothers bonzers. I see way more vintage Bing Bonzers than ones produced under Malcolm and Duncan Campbell’s eponymous label. The seller believes this one was shaped in the Nineties; I’m not so sure. My guess is late Seventies / early Eighties. It’s interesting to compare the board above to a 1976 Campbell Brothers board I wrote up earlier. You’ll note the 1976 board has much more extreme concavr. Another small detail worth noting is the board was glassed by Santa Barbara fiberglass maestro Bob Haakenson. I can’t recall if I have ever seen a Campbell Brothers board glassed by Haak before. Finally, here’s a vintage Campbell Bros Russ Short Model bonzer, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Energy Surfboards Simon Anderson Thruster by Frank Latta (Craigslist Daytona Beach)

Simon Anderson’s thruster design remains a staple in any high performance quiver decades after it was invented. I’m also a sucker for the gradient spray jobs you see on a lot of earlier Energy thrusters. This one is shaped by Frank Latta — see here for another example of an Energy Surfboards / Frank Latta stick. Simon Anderson originally licensed the thruster to Nectar Surfboards for the US release (as celebrated in this amazing ad.) I believe the example above is an Aussie board that must have found its way to the States at some point.

8’8″ Nectar Surfboards Gun (Craigslist Wilmington)

Last but not least we have a stunning 8’8″ single fin gun that was shaped in 1977 by Dennis Murphy. I don’t know much about Murphy, but this thing looks sick. Check out the multiple pin lines on the deck, the matching glass on fin, and the subtle logos throughout.

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