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Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekend Grab Bag. Yes, it’s technically a Monday, but as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, I figured we can simultaneously reflect upon the legacy of a true civil rights icon and check out some righteous sleds. Per Weekend Grab Bag rules, all the surfboards listed below were still for sale at the time the post was published.

1966 10’0″ Harbour Surfboards Cheater Model (eBay)

Sixties longboards are not my area of expertise, but I’m still a big fan. Check out the step deck on this bad boy. I love the high density foam stringer / tail block combo, and the board comes with the original polypropylene fin, too. I don’t know if this model was created for Steve Bigler, but according to the eBay listing, Bigler road the Harbour Cheater Model to 4th place at the 1966 World Surfing Championships. Harbour currently offers an updated version of the Cheater Model called the “Cheater 60“. I’ve also seen a few Cheater II Models here and there, but I’m not sure what the exact differences are.

1966 9’6″ Gordon & Smith Stretch Model (eBay)

Here’s another example of a Sixties longboard from a classic label. The G&S Stretch Model was designed by Michael Hynson and Skip Frye for the Tom Morey Noseriding contest in 1965. As you can see in the photos, the board has a distinctive Hynson red fin design. The Stretch also has a squared off nose. (I also dig Herbie Fletcher’s square nose surfboards.) There’s even some cool footage from the Tom Morey contest in 1965, which was held in Ventura.

70s Infinity Single Fin (Craigslist Orange County)

I don’t know much about this board, other than that it’s a classic looking Seventies single fin, and it appears to be in great shape. The board is 7’2″ and it also comes with a nifty looking original fin, too. I’ll never get sick of the clean lines of classic single fins from this era.

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