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Greetings, Shredderz! Those of you that follow pro surfing have no doubt heard of Griffin and Cosby Colapinto, the young San Clemente brothers who are quickly making a name for themselves. It turns out the extended Colapinto clan has no shortage of talent, either, but manifested in a very different style of surfing.

Corey Colapinto, AKA @kookapinto on Instagram, has been delivering some of my favorite clips lately. While Griffin and Crosby are the latest in the long line of high performance San Clemente rippers, Corey stands out for his nimble footwork and noseriding abilities.

Source: @kookapinto on Instagram

Colapinto’s Instagram account is filled with edits featuring beautiful, relaxed surfing, often taking place in enviably empty lineups. I’m not too crazy about the soundtracks for most modern surf edits — trust me, I take zero pleasure in being the grouchy old guy here — but I find Colapinto’s easygoing acoustic soundtracks to be a nice change of pace.

Source: @kookapinto on Instagram

I find Colapinto’s edits often make great use of drone footage. I love seeing these wide open lineups, especially when paired with the leisurely fades and unhurried pace of Colapinto’s surfing.

Gus Day and Tommy Witt. Source: @kookapinto on Instagram

I also dig Colapinto’s willingness to try a variety of different surfboards from numerous shapers. He can be seen riding some of his own shapes, along with boards from Donald Takayama’s Hawaiian Pro Designs, Terry Martin, Brawner Boards and Dane Perlee of Osprey Surfboards, just to name a few.

Source: @kookapinto Instagram

Finally, if this footage of Colapinto and fellow longboard wizard Tommy Witt doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.

All video clips via @kookapinto; photo at the top of the page via D’Blanc, photographer unknown.

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