Pristine South Shore Surfboards Trio

Greetings, Shredderz! If you’re into incredibly well preserved vintage surfboards, congratulations, because you’ve come to the right blog. Here we have three examples from the South Shore Surfboards label. All of the boards are in insane condition, despite being forty plus years old. I believe the boards are all original, which is almost hard to believe given what great shape they are in. Thanks to Kookamonga Surf Shop for sharing all the photos you see in this post.

First up is a double wing pintail single fin with some interesting looking concaves in the bottom. To me it is reminiscent of the concaves you can see in some early Al Merrick Channel Islands Tri Plane Hull surfboards.

The board was shaped by Jim Fuller and there’s a signature on the board attributing the airbrush to a man named “M. Kosovich.” It was shaped in 1980.

The details are next level. The board must have been stored indoors for years, given how the colors still pop. The fin looks like it has barely been used, either. Lots of these vintage fins will have stress cracks on at least one side, and there are none to be found here. I’m fascinated by the set of wings closer to the tail, which have some sort of elevated aspect to them. (I’m probably butchering the terminology here but you get my drift.) As far as aesthetic touches go, the South Shore Surfboards logo on the rails is a killer one.

Up next is the board that’s probably my favorite of the three. It’s another ultra clean South Shore Surfboards single fin, but with a slight single wing and a swallowtail. The airbrush is intricate and beautiful, and remarkably well preserved. If I didn’t know better I might think this board was brand new.

Sadly, I don’t have any information on the shaper or the artist who did the airbrush.

I’m always down for a little variety in the logo department, and I love the hand drawn logo on the bottom, especially contrasted against the more straightforward typeface on the deck.

Likewise, the swallowtail board also has an original fin that is in great condition.

Last but certainly not least, we have a South Shore Surfboards sting with some amazing Seventies flair. I believe the flames are airbrushed on the board, but whatever the technique that was used, it looks incredible.

The board has a step tail, which you don’t see on a ton of stings. The sting isn’t quite as untouched as the first two boards, but it’s still in wonderful shape. You can see where some repairs were done at the tips of the swallowtail, and there’s a fairly large open ding on one of the wings, which is pretty typical with older stings.

There are some leftover traction pads on the deck, but hey, the upside is you’ll save a couple of bucks on wax. Sadly I don’t know who shaped the sting, either.

Thanks again to Kookamonga Surf Shop for providing the pics of this insane mini quiver of South Shore Surfboards!

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