George Greenough on a Spoon & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest entry of Clipz, where I spotlight some of my favorite edits. Keep reading for more.

For all Greenough’s influence, it’s a bit difficult to find quality footage of his surfing online. Here’s three minutes from “Plastic Fantastic Machine”, featuring Greenough on one of his famous spoon kneeboards. His surfing is still fast and critical today; it must have seemed positively alien back in the late Sixties.

As someone who was raised in New York (although I spent very little time surfing there), I have a fondness for fall and the hurricane swells it brings to the eastern seaboard. Joel Tudor has longstanding ties to New York and its art scene, and it’s cool to see his son Tosh carry on the family tradition. I think at least part of this edit takes place in New Jersey, but either way it’s a fun edit featuring Tosh threading some proper left hand tubes.

Devon Howard has appeared a few times here on Clipz, and I’m still nowhere close to getting sick of seeing him surf the new CI Mid Model. Howard’s YouTube channel has a new clip, but this time it’s fellow stylish regularfoot Mikey February at the controls of a CI Mid, and the results are awesome.

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