Larry Bertlemann Twin Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a classic stick for you: a late 70s Larry Bertlemann-shaped twin fin with all the yin yangs and Pepsi-inspired artwork that you could want. Da Rubberman is simply the coolest, whether it’s his style in or out of the water, and of course the same is true of his equipment. In terms of pure aesthetics I’m probably more partial to Bertlemann’s Aipa stings, but Larry’s twin fins are a close second.

The Larry Bertlemann twin fin featured here is currently listed for sale on eBay. Here is a link to the auction. I do not know the seller, etc. The board is 6’8″; no other measurements were given.

I am a little unclear on the exact history of the Larry Bertlemann twin fin. I believe both Hawaiian Pro Designs and Town & Country Surfboards produced Bertlemann models.

Larry Bertlemann Twin Fin

There is no mention of T&C anywhere on the 6’8″ surfboard, other than stickers on the fins. Meanwhile, the logo, pictured above, clearly mentions Hawaiian Pro Designs. Donald Takayama shaped some twin fins for Bertlemann in the 70s, and a reissue was released in either the late 90s or the early 2000s. Sadly, there’s very little info available online about Bertlemann and Takayama’s collaborations. The most I could find was this excellent Bertlemann profile in the Surfer’s Journal, where Drew Kampion mentions that Takayama was the first person to bring Larry to the mainland.

As you can see in the photo above, there is another version of the classic Pepsi logo with Town & Country branding. I believe the T&C edition is more recent than the Hawaiian Pro Designs logo, but I’m not certain. There are also some boards that combine elements of both versions. Check out this earlier Larry Bertlemann twin fin I wrote up, which has the Hawaiian Pro Designs laminate, but also has some T&C branded yin yangs as well. Buggs’ Surfboardline page for Bertlemann has a variety of different examples, if you want to go really go deep.

(One random note: while the airbrush on Bertlemann’s boards is referred to as being inspired by Pepsi, it’s actually a combination of Pepsi’s red / white / blue color scheme, and Coca Cola’s ribbon logo.)

Larry Bertlemann Twin Fin

The Bertlemann twin fin has an interesting color combo. It’s probably not what most people expect, but personally I dig it. The colors have faded a bit over the years, but again, I like older boards that have a little character to them. The offset stripes are really cool, too.

The board has a clear signature on the stringer. The “LB” initials is consistent with the other Bertlemann-shaped boards I have seen. I’m not sure how to explain the numbers, or what the “F” on the other side of the stringer indicates.

Larry Bertlemann Twin Fin

Last but not least, you know I had to include a close up of the business end of this 70s Larry Bertlemann twin fin! You can find the board on eBay here.

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