Mike Eaton Bing Bonzer, Dolphin Artwork & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekend Grab Bag. Keep scrolling for some sticks that, as of the time the blog post was published, were all listed for sale somewhere online.

Sunset Surfboards Single Fin (eBay)

Sunset Surfboards was an old San Diego-based surfboard label. As is often the case, Surfy Surfy has the goods on the story behind Sunset Surfboards. Ed Wright founded Sunset in the late Sixties. In 1979, the Sunset factory became Moonlight Glassing. Add in the fact that Sunset was born out of the California-based Surfboards Hawaii operation, and you’ve got a whole lot of history. (Check out this Sunset Surfboards photo from the Seventies.) I’m not sure who shaped the single fin pictured above, but it’s beautiful. Dims are 7’5″ x 20 1/2″ x 3″. I think the tasteful dolphin airbrush is a move that needs to be brought back ASAP. The bottom of the board isn’t in great condition, sadly, but the board is water tight and ready to ride.

Mike Eaton Bing Bonzer (Craigslist Ventura)

The same person selling this board also sold off a vintage Campbell Brothers Bonzer, which I wrote up in a recent Grab Bag installment. I’m guessing the Bing Bonzer pictured above was shaped in the latter half of the Seventies. The board has a bunch of neat touches, including what I believe to be Dave Hollander artwork. For example, check out this Bing single fin I posted to Instagram a while back — you’ll notice it has the exact same style artwork on the bottom. The Bing Bonzer also has a smaller fin (I’m assuming it’s original), which is an other Eaton signature. Dims are 7’11” x 20″ x 3 1/8″.

G&S Twin Fin Kneeboard (???)

For our final board this evening we’ve got a miniature scavenger hunt. All I’ll say is that this neat little Gordon & Smith kneeboard is currently listed for sale on Craigslist somewhere in the lower forty eight states. Only the board’s length (4’11”) was listed on the ad. I have no idea how these rides, the only feedback I have is strictly aesthetic, and on that note, I think these boards look really cool, and I love the typeface on the logo. I wrote up a similar G&S kneeboard here.

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