Breakfast of Champions: Nectar Surfboards

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got another classic thanks to the surf industry of the Eighties, which is responsible for some of the strangest, funniest and flat out entertaining ads I’ve seen. Picture below is a Nectar Surfboards ad for the Growler Model, starring shaper Craig Hollingsworth.

Nectar was the initial US licensee for Simon Anderson’s thruster, as immortalized in this great Indiana Jones spoof. Hollingsworth tells all the backstory about the ad in this great Instagram post. According to Hollingsworth, Jeff Divine told him “it had the best response of any other ad ever in Surfer Magazine.” Hollingsworth also reveals that the photographer, uncredited in the ad itself, is none other than the late, great Sonny Miller.

The image above is via Davis Ballard’s awesome Dusty Ads page.

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