Tom Curren, Tommy Witt, Tyler Warren: Social Media Roundup

Tom Curren

Greetings, Shredderz! Per the usual, here are some standout social media posts from the last month or so. We’ve got all sorts of heat this month, starting with a great surfer / shaper putting a Jacobs Lance Carson Model through its paces, and a visit to an underappreciated surf destination. Keep scrolling for more.

Here’s Tyler Warren on a Jacobs Lance Carson Model. I love watching talented surfers ride vintage boards. I’d love to hear more from Tyler about his experience riding the board. I’m guessing he must dig it, hence the edit. That said, in instances like this, I always wonder how the credit should be divvied up between the board and the surfer. Does the board’s design still hold up, and enable surfing that other, lesser boards do not? Or can this all be chalked up to Warren’s talent? The answer is probably somewhere in the middle, but it’d be cool to hear it straight from Warren himself. I think this might even be the same Jacobs Lance Carson Model I wrote up here.

Corey Colapinto and his awesome mini-edits, mostly posted to Instagram, were the topic of a recent post. One of Colapinto’s frequent collaborators and subjects is Tommy Witt, and this clip was too good not to share. If I’m not mistaken, the 10’4″ Donald Takayama Witt rides only has side bites, with no center fin. I don’t always love watching people ride finless surfboards, but I like how this clip features more traditional surfing with some moments of side slip flair.

And now for some classics. You can’t do any better than the combination of Jeff Divine — surely on the shortlist for greatest photographer in surf history — Tom Curren, and his famous logo-less Maurice Cole-shaped shaped sleds.

Last but not least, if you don’t follow Log Rap, you really should. For all the incredible surfing talent Brazil has produced, especially over the past few years, one gets the sense that traditional surf media is still reluctant to fully embrace the country and its surf scene. Well, I for one am stoked that outlets like Log Rap have no such hesitation about shining a brighter light on Brazil. Here’s Brazilian surfer Marina Carbonell with some surfing that translates to any culture with an appreciation for good style.

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