1960s Gordon & Smith Ad

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest edition of Sagas of Shred, where we publish a different vintage surf ad every Thursday evening. Today we’ve got a rad minimalist ad from venerable San Diego-based label Gordon & Smith Surfboards.

I love the design of the ad itself, which still looks fresh today. The ad was first published in 1966, though I’m not sure where. The simple color scheme is striking and I love the typography, too. The ad is also a fascinating look at Gordon & Smith’s 1966 lineup. I wish I had pictures of all these different models, but sadly, I’m not even sure how to distinguish many of them from one another. (For example, what’s the difference between the Mike Hynson Model and the Hynson Gun?) I always get a kick out of the dealer lists on these ads, too. I was definitely surprised to see that G&S boards were being sold in Lima, Peru back in 1966.

I found the ad via this excellent Pinterest board, which is definitely worth checking out.

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