Rabbit Kekai, Acid Splash & More: Takayama Tuesday

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another installment of Takayama Tuesday. Here are some unusual Donald Takayama surfboards for your perusing pleasure.

9’0″ Donald Takayama Rabbit Kekai Model

This is the only example of a Donald Takayama Rabbit Kekai Model I have ever seen. According to the original Craigslist ad — the board was sold in Hawaii a few years back — it was shaped in 1995. Wish I knew more about this thing, but it’s a sick sled and a tribute to two Hawaiian legends, blue flames and all.

9’6″ Donald Takayama Model

Here’s another unusual board. This one is interesting because it doesn’t have any Hawaiian Pro Designs branding anywhere. I’ve seen similar Donald Takayama Model laminates on a few other boards, but it’s not very common, from what I can tell. Again, if I had more info I’d be happy to share it here, but all I know is that this isn’t a Takayama you see every day. I love the clean, minimal look. The board is hand signed by Donald on the stringer, but it’s almost completely faded.

9’6″ Donald Takayama DT-2 Model

Last but not least we have a Donald Takayama DT-2 that seems to be the exact aesthetic opposite of the Donald Takayama Model above, featuring not one but two patterns on the board. I can’t say I’ve seen many Takayama boards like this one. The seller guessed the board was shaped in the 80s; I’m thinking it was closer to 2000s. According to the listing, those are O’Fish’L fin boxes for the side bites, but someone else will know the dates better than I would. It’s unclear if this board was signed by Donald, but either way it’s stunning. Thanks KC for sending this one over!

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