Five Fantastic Skip Frye Surfboards

Happy Fryeday, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a smorgasboard of Skip Frye surfboards for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the backstory behind this quixotic mini-quiver of Skips. All the boards featured below were posted to Craigslist a few months ago by the same seller. As he explained in the listings, he was selling the boards to finance a kitchen remodel for his wife. All the original pics featured a woman who had the giant smile of someone about to pick out a new backsplash. I’ve gone ahead and made some edits to protect the identities of the innocent, but I figured the Skip Frye surfboards were way too good not to share. Keep scrolling for more.

10’9″ Skip Frye Squaretail

First up is a beautiful 10’9″ single fin Squaretail. The Squaretail has its origins in Skip’s original Gordon & Smith signature model. You can find these details and more in The Surfer’s Journal “The Caretaker of Intangible Ingredients” piece, which is the single best reference for Skip Frye surfboards. The Squaretail has a graphic of Skip noseriding with the text “Soul Smooth” beneath. I’ve seen this graphic on a few other Skips. My guess is the board was shaped in the mid- to late-90s. You can also see the Diamond Glassing laminate on the tail, which could be a good hint for dating the board to someone who knows their San Diego glass shops. I love the elaborate pin lines on the deck, and the five point star made out of three sets of Skip’s wings logo is a rad touch, too.

6’3″ Skip Frye Twin Fin Fish

This 6’3″ fish belonged to Ken Lewis, who has always been generous and gracious when answering my questions about Skip’s boards (including some of the ones featured in this post!) If you own the fish and feel like putting some good karma back into the universe, kindly consider sending this classic twin fin back to its original owner.

10’2″ Skip Frye K Model

Like the fish I wrote about above, this 10’2″ K Model also formerly belonged to Ken. And in case you missed it, I previously wrote up Ken’s ridiculous quiver of Skips here. The K Model is super clean, and boasts glass on Larry Gephart fins in a thruster configuration.

10’4″ Skip Frye Eagle

Next we have what I believe to be an Eagle. I love the dual wings logos in a smaller size — one on the deck and then another right above the fins. I believe that’s a graphic of Duke Kahanamoku on the deck. I’ve only seen one other pic of a Skip Frye with a Duke graphic. What a rad tribute to one of the true kings of the sport!

9’9″ Skip Frye K Model

Last but not least, we’ve got another primo K Model measuring it at a leisurely 9’9″. It appears to be a triple stringer setup with two offset redwood stringers. There are some resin pin lines bracketing all three stringers on the deck, which gives the board a pinstriped look. And as someone who is always keen on logo sizing and placement, I love the two miniature wings laminates on either offset stringer towards the nose.

There you have it: this is one cooler collections of Skip Frye surfboards released on Craigslist in recent memory. I hope you enjoyed checking out these five Skip shapes, and to that lucky lady out there, I hope you’re thrilled with the new kitchen.

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