John Peck Penetrator, Mike Hynson Hy-II and More

John Peck

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest installment of the Weekend Grab Bag, featuring a handful of sweet sledz. Per Grab Bag rules, all of the boards you see below are still listed for sale at the time the blog post was published. We’ve got some cool ones today, including some modern-ish reissues of classic 60s sticks, and an early Stussy board. Keep scrolling for more.

9’6″ John Peck Penetrator (Craigslist Hawaii)

I love the John Peck Penetrator, which started off as a Morey-Pope Surfboards signature model back in the 60s. Peck, who was one of the earliest surfers to ride Pipeline, remains something of a mystical figure. There isn’t much information available online about the Penetrator, but some of its signatures features are two offset stringers and nose and tail blocks crafted from high density foam.

I’m not sure when this particular model was shaped, but it has Walker Foam laminates on it, which should narrow down the dates a bit. Peck still shapes the Penetrator, but your guess is as good as mine when it comes to ordering one. I know he has done recent shaping stints at the Waterman’s Guild but that’s about it.

10’0″ Mike Hynson Hy-2 from 1997 (Craigslist Orange County)

Hynson created the Hy-I and Hy-II for Gordon & Smith. Later on, Hynson would continue to produce these models under the Hynson & Company name.

Here’s a description of the G&S Hy-II from some marketing collateral, which I wrote up in an earlier post:

The Hy-II has two 1/4” redwood strips spaced 12” apart. The nose is approximately 18 1/2” in width. It has a 6” square tail and semi parallel rails. This model is the most like the Hynson signature model with an increase in width for more stability. The Hy-II is an excellent all around performance board.

According to the seller, the Hynson & Company Hy-II pictured above was shaped in 1997.

Russell Surfboards Shawn Stussy Single Fin (Craigslist LA)

Last but not least we have a 70s Russell Surfboards single fin shaped by Shawn Stussy. Unfortunately, this board has seen some better days, and the deck is quite discolored. Still, I love seeing examples of any Stussy / Russell boards. This one has some amazing resin details, and those parts of the board have held up over the years. At what point will we see full glass-off restorations of 70s single fins, I wonder?

Photo at the top of the page via Patty & Spike

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