Mommy and Daddy, How Do Surfboards Get Made?

Greetings, Shredderz! The Clipz series here on the blog usually collects videos featuring some rad surfing, often on vintage and/or alternative shapes. This time around we’ve got something a bit different for you. Here are some videos that feature talented craftsmen building surfboards.

Dave Parmenter is a one man surfing encyclopedia. So when he describes the glass jobs from the Waterman’s Guild as “incomparable“, well, I listen. Here’s a great little look at what happens behind the scenes at the esteemed Southern California glass shop, courtesy of Greg Martz and his son Ryan.

I’ve watched this video a ton of times and I’m still not sick of it. Here’s Marc Andreini crafting a special 8’8″ single fin Makaha gun for the Boardroom Show back in 2015. This is a special board with a very involved process, starting with gluing up a blank with a custom redwood stringer.

Alex “Superwolf” Villalobos has been glassing some truly gorgeous surfboards, and this little video gives us a better idea of how these boards are brought to live. To me there’s something soothing about watching boards get glassed, especially when the final products end up looking so good. There’s some nice surfing footage sprinkled in there, too.

Photo at the top of the page via Vissla on Vimeo

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