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Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a treat for you, courtesy of San Diego craftsman John Cherry. John Cherry shapes standard foam and fiberglass shapes, and he also builds boards entirely out of wood. I haven’t seen a ton of John Cherry Surfboards floating around on Craigslist, etc., but maybe that’s because nobody is in a rush to sell them. I’m pretty sure I first discovered Cherry’s creations via the excellent Surfy Surfy blog, which features a bunch of beautiful examples. I also recommend Cherry’s old blog. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated in years, but it’s still got a ton of great boards.

The John Cherry surfboard you see above was originally posted to sale on Craigslist a few months back. It’s one of the many boards I wish I had been able to buy, but hey, at least I saved the pics.

The board is 9’8″ and it was shaped in 2007, as indicated by the signature (more on that below). Even if you’re not interested in Cherry’s career, there’s no denying it’s a beautiful surfboard. I love the color, and there some classy volan patches on both the deck and then on the bottom around the fin. The offset stringers are a nice touch, too.

Check out the details on the stringers and the nose and tail blocks. This is one finely crafted sled.

For more on Cherry, I recommend this great interview posted on Liquid Salt. (Turns out none other than Terry Martin was Cherry’s brother in law!) Cherry And here are some more killer John Cherry surfboards: a beautiful balsa 11′ glider, with stunning redwood nose and tail blocks; an agave board with Peruvian walnut stringers; and a Rich Pavel-shaped Bob Simmons tribute, with the balsa blank, inlays and fins made by cherry.

Photo at the top of the page via Wooden Ships by Cherry

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