W.A.V.E. Set Fin Ad from 1970

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got another killer W.A.V.E. Set fin ad for your viewing pleasure. This one is from January 1970, and I nabbed the image from the excellent stash of vintage fin ads over at The Finbox, which I can’t recommend enough.

I love the design of the ad. It has some elements that betray its age, but overall I think it’s a striking piece of graphic design. Tom Morey, who invented W.A.V.E. Set, had some pretty out there ads, especially for his Morey-Pope Surfboards label, but this one feels restrained. As always, I love reading the fine print on these ads. I love that back in the day buying merch meant stuffing some cash in an envelope and hoping you got back something you liked. I’m dying to know what the $1 Greenough poster would have been, and what the t-shirts looked like.

For more W.A.V.E. Set ads, check out this one for Skip Frye’s New-E-Free fin, which I also found on The Finbox.

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